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Bal de la Rose 2016

BAL  DE  LA  ROSE  2016

Under  the  Presidency  of
   H.S.H.  Prince  and  Princess  of  Monaco  and
   H.R.H.  Princess  of  Hanover

Bal de la Rose 2016

Designed  by  Karl  Lagerfeld     The  62nd  edition  of  2016  Bal  de  la  Rose  will  be  held  in  aid  of     the  Princess  Grace  Foundation,  on  Saturday,  19th  March,     at  the  Salle  des  Etoiles,  Sporting  Monte-­‐Carlo.   H.R.H.   the   Princess   of   Hannover,   President   of   the   Princess   Grace   Foundation,   asked   her   friend   Karl   Lagerfeld   to   imagine   and   design   the   2016   Bal   de   la   Rose.   Together   they   envisioned   an   evocative   evening   that   draws   inspiration   from   Cuba.   They   felt   that   beyond   the   clichés   and   picture   postcard   landscapes,  this  creative  starting  point  represents  a  wonderful  opportunity  to  celebrate  the  energy,   optimism  and  hope  of  a  Cuban  society,  currently  undergoing  immense  change.

The   2016   Bal   de   la   Rose   will   transport   guests   through   the   greenery   of   the   sugarcane   fields,   the   turquoise   blue   of   the   Caribbean   Sea   and   the   terracotta   of   the   Viñales   valley,   for   an   amazing   explosion  of  colours  and  emotions.  Result  of  a  rich  and  complex  mixed  heritage,  the  ambiance  will  be   elevated   by   an   exceptional   showcase   of   Cuban   music,   offering   guests   the   opportunity   to   get   on   the   dance to   get   on   the  dancefloor and try out salsa movies to the beat of some of the world’s finest musical talent. A “caliente” evening!

Bal de la Rose 2016Upon   arrival,   guests   will   cross   a   winding   path   through   the   sugarcane   fields,   before   arriving   at   Café   Taberna.   With   just   enough   time   for   a   mojito,   they   will   then   take   their   seats   in   the   middle   of   the   street,  lined  with  characterful  coloured  facades,  so  very  characteristic  of  Cuba,  whose  cracked,  faded   pastel   buildings   fondly   evoke   the   past   splendours   of   a   Havana   weathered   by   sunshine,   tropical   storms  and  ocean  spray.

Bal de la Rose 2016

Feel  the  beat

The  guests  of  the  Cuban  Bal  de  la  Rose  will  be  immersed  in  a  rich  music  program  performed  by  a  cast   of  supreme  Cuban  talent.       Son   Del   Nene   will   kick-­‐start   the   line-­‐up,   accompanied   by   six   trusted   travel   companions.   Born   Pedro Lugo Martinez, this Cuban artist is the spiritual son of the famous Ibrahim Ferrer of “Buena Vista Social Club” fame, and it claims to have learned his authentic Cuban Sound from the masters themselves. In   homage to his tutors, he starred in the film representation of the “Buena  Vista  Social   Club” by  Wim  Wenders,  powering  the  most  moving  musical  scenes  of  the  film.

The   Sporting   Monte-­‐Carlo   stage   will   then   be   given   over   to   Son   Damas,   an   all-­‐female   Cuban   band,   created  in  1992  and  comprised  of  ten  spectacular  musical  stars,  which  has  earned  the  reputation  of being Cuba’s best female band. Their huge talent goes way beyond the country’s borders as, after over twenty years, with sell out concerts across America of course, but also Europe and Japan.

The   music   programme   for   this   62nd   Bal   de   la   Rose   continues   with   Septeto   Nabori,   a   band   of   eight   musicians,  all  natives  of  Havana,  featuring  since  1993  Alejandro  Morcate,  Abel  Delgado  and  Ramón “Monchí”Carbonell.   Students   of   The   Conservatory   and   the   Institut   Supérieur   Polytechnique   de   Santiago  de  Cuba,  these  musical  geniuses  abandoned  everything  in  pursuit  of  sharing  their  love  and   passion  for  traditional  Cuban  music  with  the  world.

The   night   concludes   in   memorable   style   with   the   must-­‐see   Cuban   Reggaeton,   a   sound   that   is   a   symbol   of   modernity.   Originating   in   Porto   Rico,   locally   known   as  “Cubaton”, this   genre   integrates   local   rhythms   with   hip-­‐hop   and   electro   with   a   hint   of   reggae for a statement of Cuba’s modernity that  has  captivated  the  youth  scene.

Guests   will   loose   themselves   in   the   diverse   Cuban   musical   heritage,   dancing   the   night   away   for   one   of  the  most  unforgettable  nights  on  the  international  society  calendar.


Tel:  +377  98  06  63  41     email:    

Doors  open  at  la  Salle  des  Etoiles  at  8  p.m.

Black  Tie  and  Evening  Dress

Price  per  person:  € 800

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