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Enhance your silhouette with Cristal ®, the medical cryolipolysis

Enhance your silhouette by reducing localized fat folds with the medical cryolipolysis

During the past 5 years, an innovative technique has been developed for non-invasive treatments of the silhouette: the cryolipolysis. In this sector, where expectations are very high by both patients & practitioners, it is necessary to use the right machines & know the best indications for treatment.


Cryolipolysis intensely cools localised fat folds, in order to modify the configuration of fat cells (adipocytes). This change in cell state, from a normal body temperature (37 °C) to negative temperatures (from -2°C to -9°C), sends a chemical message of apoptosis (cell death) to the adipocytes. Lipid content is released, dead cells are progressively evacuated via the lymphatic system & fat cell density decreases. According to protocols & machines, it is necessary to wait on average 2 to 3 months to see the results.

Know how to set the right indications

The practitioner cannot treat all persons due to certain contraindications:

– cold intolerance, Raynaud’s disease, cryoglobulinemia

– irritated skin facing the treatment area, recent scar

– hernia on or close to the area

– implant such as a pacemaker or defibrillator

– pregnancy or breast feeding

Results will be more effective with a healthy lifestyle (diet & exercise). However, not all areas of the body can be treated. Cryolipolysis only affects peripheral fat & some areas, with easier lymphatic drainage, will have better results: abdomen, flanks, saddle bags, back folds, thighs, knees & double chin.

Choose the right medical device for safe treatments

It’s advisable to give priority to medical cryolipolysis devices that have been accredited and that are of the latest generation, as they allow for better treatment & safety. Until now, some areas were too difficult to treat effectively, such as the saddle-bag region, knees & double chin. Now, there exists new applicators specially designed to treat these areas. In France, the leader in cryolipolysis is the CRISTAL device, manufactured in St Raphael with the highest quality standards.


Medical cryolipolysis is an innovative & effective method based on many scientific studies. It is nevertheless a technique reserved for localised fat folds & not for significant weight gain. It cannot be used to replace a diet.


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