World Class Monaco: Interview with Dmitry Grishin

World Class Monaco

Interview with Dmitry Grishin

 Dmitry Grishin World Class Monaco«The path from the coach to the club’s manager took me 12 years and all these years in the company World Class I remembered as the most interesting and rich vacations in my life”. – Dmitry Grishin

World Class Monaco was founded just year ago and immediately began to use success not only among Russian residents of the Côte d’Azur but also among all who want to go in for fitness under conditions that meet the most particular demands. The Manager of the World Class Monaco Dmytry Grishin has agreed to give us an exclusive interview about the results of the first year of his work on the Côte d’Azur.

Dmitry, please tell us about you and your career. How did your love to fitness start?

Dmytry Grishin: I always try to do what brings me pleasure. I studied at physico-mathematical faculty of the classical University and simultaneously danced in folk ensemble. When I started to think, what to do after high school, I had two variants: either to continue a career as a teacher of the exact sciences, or to take part of dancing professionally. During this period I accidentally got on a fitness convention where I saw a lot of beautiful people in great physical shape. This atmosphere is so charged me that I decided to start working in the fitness club.

All further career in the World Class wasn’t boring work, but real exciting adventure. Everything I can today, I learned in the World Class. I started with a three-month internship, and then started to go to foreign fitness convention to bring to the Russia international experience and methods of training. All this so carried me along that 12 active years of coaching flew by as an instant. Every week in the fitness industry there is something new: new method, new training. It is very interesting here, and you and it is never possible to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Dmitri Grishin World Class Fitness

Are you professional coach, what is your specialty?

I specialize in pilates (by the way, our team acquainted Russia with this program), I have certificates of two the most prestigious American schools the Romana’s Pilates and the Metropolitan Pilates. I finished MVA simultaneously and already several years I take administrative positions in the World Class. The way from the trainer to the managing director of fitness club took me 12 years, and all these years I remember as the most interesting saturated vacations in my life.

When I pass certification on the Pilates program, my teacher said me: “I received this knowledge from Joseph Pilates and accepted it as a gift”. These words struck me to the depth of soul and changed my attitude to work: it is first of all an opportunity to give people a gift for me. I want very much clients which coming to our club to be more successful, healthy, to make new friends and to do their life more interesting.

Tell us please about the World Class of Monaco and services which it offers.

Many years we in the World Class provide fitness services of the superior quality for successful people in the World Class. Among our clients you will find businessmen, politicians, journalists. Work with clients is important for us first of all. You will always receive most hearty welcome and sincere desire to help you to become even more successful, healthy and happy person at our place. This sincerity among professionals of fitness makes our clubs really unique.

World Class Fitness Monaco

The World Class of Monaco began to use huge popularity among particular clients of haut de gamme. What the secret of this success consists in your opinion?

We want people to come to us to make the life better, to become healthier, active and attractive. The mission of the World Class is to bring up generation of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. This philosophy is close to me personally. I like to see how people around me become even more beautiful and successful, and I am glad that we help them to achieve the goals. Certainly, the large role in our success is played also by fitness programs. We have a special methodical subdivision which is engaged in development of programs for all clubs of the World Class. Programs are very different and approved with our 25 years’ experience, already several generations of fans of fitness passed through them.

What distinguishes the World Class of Monaco from other fitness clubs of the Côte d’Azur ?

First of all, it is high quality professionalism of our trainers. The design of our Club is attractive of course, we have expensive equipment, but we put all this on the second plan. The most important for us – people who work with our clients.

Each person has barriers for starting of trainings. Our task is to overcome all these bars and to offer the program which will arouse your interest. The interesting, bringing pleasure physical activity and its first results will provide excellent motivation for trainings. For example, having begun with the basic class Body Pump, with time you will find for yourself Pilates and yoga, perhaps, you will be interested also in single combats. We offer our clients a huge number of the most different types of fitness. It how to learn a new language: to come to the new fitness program and to feel that you can control your body in some new way.

One more our advantage is the equipment of club. It is very important for us that everything what existing in our gym halls fitted to modern technologies and was safe for our clients. We began to introduce various portable gadgets, applications in which you can monitor the results now. For example, already now you can be engaged on a path of Life Fitness and, having loaded “Life Fitness Connect”, to trace the results already now.

We will introduce My Zone technology in our club very soon. The special gadget traces your pulse throughout all training. You will receive by mail the schedule of your today’s activity which will help to analyse your results and to correlate them to your fitness purposes in 30 minutes after the end of training. Thanks to these technologies the training becomes even more interesting and effective.

World Class Fitness Monaco

Tell, please, a couple of words about your trainers.

Today we have 12 trainers, three Russians, other French. I like the phrase which characterizes team of our club: “Uniting a miscellaneous, we create the best” very much. Our trainers are very different, on any inquiry: someone was a ballet dancer, someone was a rehabilitolog earlier, and someone went in for weightlifting. We find “one’s” trainer who will help to achieve all objectives and, the essentials, to receive joy from the training for each client.

What partners do you cooperate with?

Already 10 years we work with company the Les Mills which creates group programs. The charm of these programs consists in the given choreography, sets of exercises repeat from one lesson to another and change every three months. The class results predictable thus. You can monitor your progress. For example, after the first training you have muscular pain, on the next training you felt smaller resistance and so on … All of Les Mills programs are very different: BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyJam … these classes use wide popularity in Russia, and we are glad to offer them and to clients in the Côte d’Azur.

The World Class of Monaco is famous for the reputation of “the Russian VIP-club”. Tell us about your Russian clients, their features and preferences.

The main difference of the Russian clients: insistence. These people trained with a large number of trainers, they know what was a good qualitative personal training. Another difference is their efficiency in distribution of time. The Russian clients plan trainings in advance and rather actively. Most of them businessmen, and often their attitude to sport is very practical too. For example, they begin day with an hour training, then spend an hour more to Spa, and thus at the beginning of day they effectively spent two hours of the time. If the Russian person comes to training, it wouldn’t talk but to achieve results in the shortest terms. It is surprising that the Russians who are perfectly speaking French and English languages and living on the Azure Coast come to our club and ask the Russian-speaking trainer.

Many of our Russian clients live here constantly, others come for few months during the summer period, but all of them are trained much, as a rule five times a week with different trainers. Often the fixed task is set to the trainer to be prepared for something. Many of our Russian clients are keen on thriathlon seek to conquer Ironman start. Our trainers teach them correct technique of swimming, driving the bicycle and races and train them for this test.

What profile of other members of your club?

Among our clients there are many owners of various businesses in Monaco. A great number of our clients are managers of an average and the top management in the international companies. Most of them are residents of Monaco and France, a lot of Italians and, certainly, the Russians: about 25%. All of members of our club strive for different aims. Men are often interested in an effective training and prepare for competitions. Women set the aim of reduction of weight before themselves. Thanks to fine ecology, many girls come here for gestation period and preparation for childbirth. Our experts help to compile the individual program of trainings.

Tell about your company and your fitness centers in other points of the globe?

The new CEO, Nikolay Pryanishnikov who developed Microsoft in Russia earlier came to us last year. We began to speak about an active expansion. We have only 74 fitness clubs now with the main office in Moscow where we have 36 branches. The rest of centers are in neighboring countries. Our first European club was found last year in Monaco. We are considering the gym in London now, we already found the platform in Spain, and also the fitness club in Dubai will be constructed. We are going to open many new clubs in the next 5 years.

And what can you tell about projects and actions of the World Class in conclusion?

We organize conventions and charitable fitness marathons for children, we invite school students to open physical training classes already many years in Russia. We conducted such lesson on the Côte d’Azur, we sent invitations to all schools of Monaco and Cap-d’Ail the 18th of September.

The next project of our club in Monaco was the ELLE NightRun. We held a night round on running tracks together with the ELLE magazine the 23th of September in which the most active girls of the region participated. Our stylists were responsible for the most beautiful fitness hair styles and all show was shot by the professional photographer. Membership in our club became the main prize and all of participants won prizes and gifts from the ELLE magazine and our beauty-partners.

We have a lot of other interesting projects ahead, after all the purpose of the World Class is to support the fitness movement in the region. We want the World Class of Monaco to become the place where it is possible not only to train, but also to get pleasure from communication. After all, communication is also important component of trainings in our club.

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